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The core of Dsmei culture is culturing and creating the spirit of conforming to enterprise reality, improving people, pioneering to innovate and striving for top grade. Studying Dsmei culture can not only improve our capability in handling affairs, but also improve our capability in getting along with people. The capability of handling affairs and getting along with people can contribute to our enterprise and enrich our life. Studying Dsmei culture is beneficial to facilitating mutual communication, improving our comprehensive quality and fully activating our initiation and creativity. May us grow happily at work, achieve enterprise objective and realize self value.
II. Outline of corporate culture pattern:

*Build corporate culture with elite teams *culture excellent staff with corporate culture
*continue brand management with excellent staff *promote enterprise development with management innovation
*seek enterprise benefit with enterprise development *concentrate excellent talents with enterprise benefit
III. Dsmei corporate culture declaration
We keep moving on with a forever enthusiastic, young and kind heart. Our team has common vision and objective, faith and pursuit; the common desire to ideal and beautiful life witnesses us to love each other, encourage each other and grow together. Honesty, practice, enthusiasm and dedication are our eternal faith.
1. We reject inferiority and parochialism; instead, we follow the natural rules of life, we are full of energy and confidence. We firmly believe that great mind and progressiveness keep our lives in bloom and abandoning ideals and enthusiasm ages the soul.
2. We discard laziness and hedonism; instead, we regard enterprise as the mainstay of life, respect fruit of labor, enjoy our work and pride ourselves on enthusiasm. We firmly believe that labor and enterprising is the only way leading to happiness and wealth.
3. On one hand, we go after long-term objective, believe long standing investment ideal; on the other hand, we despise fool commitment and opportunistic behavior and reject short-term benefits. We firmly believe that being blinded by greed and being eager for quick success and instant benefit will destroy our foundation of successful enterprise and lead us to failure.
4. We deny self-centered greed and egalitarianism which goes against labor allocation principle; instead, we always stick to the principle of share and believe the labor value of no pains, no gains.
5. We stick together and encourage each other; on one hand, we value individualistic heroism; on the other hand, we give more importance to teamwork. We know that, the greatness of the sea is the integrated convergence of the tiny power innumerable drops.

6. We treat the enterprises as home and the staff as fellows; we are responsible for their growth and proud of their harvest. We treat each other honestly and share hardships. Constructing perfect and distinguished welfare system and beautiful home is our honor and objective, because we always stick to people-oriented management policy.
7. We advocate self-discipline and pay attention to management. We firmly believe that, personal capability can be given full play only under scientific and effective cooperative management, thus brining extraordinary integral power to the team.
8. We oppose outmoded notions about noble and humble and employment; instead, we stick to equality and value mutual help. We know that only common creation and share bring thriving and blossom to our team and enterprise.

9. We are grateful for favors received and remember the gratitude and try to repay it. We will always respect and love our clients, treat them as friends and brothers, and provide perfect service with a grateful heart. The clients are the mainstay and source of our successful enterprise.

10. We regard quality as the foundation of survival, pursuit and create high-quality life, create superior and comfortable hardware environment, and pay attention to spirit supplement and promotion. We spread civilization to the society bit by bit with our own behaviors.

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