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Frist, after-sales service General Provisions
You can purchase the products of Germany ornaments America, rely on procurement contracts and invoices and warranty enjoyment of Germany ornaments, after-sales service support.
You can purchase the series since the procurement installation date of acceptance (the date of the procurement contract shall prevail, the same below) within seven days from raw materials or the structure of a large area of ​​quality problems (60%) of the total accounting for the contract, you can choose to return. replacement or free repair.
Second, the Procurement Notice to users
(1) the after-sales service policy applies only to allow installation in mainland China sourcing all products and product matching accessories.
All series of products and product matching accessories warranty process and the overall installation works the warranty period is 24 months.
3 all products and product matching accessories warranty period starting time, that is, the Completion Acceptance of the day.
Agents sell the products do not belong to our warranty, please contact you local dealer for warranty issues
Third, the return
Range of products and product matching accessories you purchased within 7 days of hair found not the company since the date of purchase by genuine, please contact the local agents or business model with procurement contracts and signature confirmation, contact your local agents and business people to discuss Return business. If you do not give in to apply for return business, please call 18600013713 complaints or recourse to the local business sector or the quality inspection department.
Fourth, change material
Procurement of all products and product matching accessories for life from date of purchase human damage to the material to break down, my company will strongly assist in handling, and to submit a detailed treatment program. The specific costs of treatment options according to customer requirements, we will be the appropriate fees; when customers want in place to install the products to replace the other color or texture of the product, you can enjoy half-price concession.
Fifth, the warranty service
A shelf life of ten years of the series of products, such as artificial damage, discoloration or deformation off, we will replace it for free.
2, we provide two years of free maintenance service. The warranty period due to the series of the product itself, or quality problems caused by improper installation company construction workers, customers should timely contact with me by my company to send professionals to the scene.
The following is a free maintenance scope:
A buckle side of the keel off.
2 keel shape chassis off.
3 membrane stagnant water
4 replacement lines, the demolition of the lamp required.
5 materials fade and other structures during use problems
Products need to help maintain, we will send people to the 24-hour home service according to the principle of proximity, we can provide customers with high efficiency after-sales service.
7, the other does not indicate matters can contact the service department of the company

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