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Product description:
Dsmei Decorative film

The one kind has been widely used in interior decoration materials. Founded in Switzerland in the nineteenth century, and then the Frenchman Mr. Farmland SCHERRER (Fei Lande. Driscoll), 1967 to continue to study and successfully extended to the interior decoration market in Europe and America, introduced into China in 1995. Beginning mainly in the high places of reform and opening up of coastal areas and other major cities.

Dsmei Decorative film

The special PVC material, 0.18 mm thick, per square meter, weighing about 180 to 320 grams, the fire safety level for B-Class. Membrane material through one or more cutting, forming, and high frequency welding to complete. In the field to measure the size of the materials used, produced in the factory. Decorative film dimensional stability at -25 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees. Easy decoration decorative film (light series) can be used with a variety of lighting systems (such as neon, fluorescent lamps) to create a dreamy, shadowless interior lighting effects. Abandon the bulky dangerous as well as small pieces of glass or plexiglass assembled shortcomings, has gradually become the new highlight of the decorative

The main use of the place:

★ administrative offices, commercial offices, shopping malls, theme parks, airports, subway stations.
★ industrial sites and hospitals, epidemic prevention stations, clinics.
★ sales offices, model homes, private homes, villas, apartments, bathrooms, kitchens, etc..
★ sports venues, swimming pool, gym, billiards room, volleyball, basketball hall, club, Leisure Club, beauty salon and so on.
★ church, hotel, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, concert halls, theater, cinema.
★ brand store: brand clothing stores, 4S auto shops, jewelry stores, etc..
★ Exchange, museums, art galleries, libraries, art modeling exhibition.
★ exhibition stand construction, stage background, studio, etc.。

Dsmei decorative film categories: surface translucent, matte finish, smooth, metal surface, embossed surface, the printing surface, punching surface light mask: a strong sense of light, can produce a mirror-like reflection.
Translucent membrane: This product is milky white, translucent. Transmittance in the closed space of up to 75% or more. Naturally perfect and soft, unique decorative lighting effects.
The matte finish: matte soft fabric, the overall effect of pure elegance.
Whale leather: the surface of the velvet-like. There are excellent sound-absorbing properties. Very easy to create a warm interior.
Metal surface: a strong metallic finish, and can produce similar metal light perception. Has a strong ornamental effect.
Porous surface: there are 1mm 4mm, 10mm and other aperture for selection. Good ventilation, to help the indoor air circulation. And holes can be arranged in the desired pattern. Has a strong display of results.
Embossed film: special type Dsmei decorative film, compressive surface texture and pattern. The decorative effect is more perfect, more personalized. Printing surface: inkjet variety of patterns, the effect of arbitrary patterns.


Dsmei decorative film main features:

A break with traditional smallpox: the limitations of breakthrough small pieces assembled chunk perfect overall effect.
(2) a variety of colors: There are ten series of more than one hundred kinds of color selection, applicable to all kinds of places.
(3) the shape of random and diverse: the designer to have a broader scope for creativity.
Antibacterial and antifungal functions: effective inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, fungi and other governance bacteria.
Fire level: B level, consistent with a variety of fire safety standards in Europe and the United States.
Aging function: ten years of non-human destruction, deformation will be eligible for compensation.
After anti-static treatment: do not hang the dust, non-stick cooking fumes.
Good insulation: a significant reduction in heat loss, thus effectively reducing energy waste.
Waterproof: in the case of pipe leakage supporting sewage without infiltration dew, interior decoration and furniture can be effectively protected.
10 to facilitate installation and removal: in the same area, the time of installation and removal is only equivalent to 1/4 of the traditional smallpox.
11. Manufacture of environmentally friendly formula: no heavy metal, does not release toxic gases, the product can be completely recycled.
12. Ideal acoustics: You can greatly reduce the reverberation time of sound waves, in full compliance with national standards.
13 installation and after-sales service: perfect technical support, allowing users to more conveniently.

Dsmei decorative film composed of the following materials:
Decorative film: made ??of special PVC material, guaranteed to be free of cadmium, the fire protection level for Class B (China), through one or more cutting forming and high frequency welding to complete, it is to follow in the field measured shape and size in the factory production made??.

Side buckle: semi-rigid, extruded PVC material, the fire safety level B1 (China), it is welded to the smallpox soft film around the edge of the buckle to tension the soft membrane in the wall-on.

Aluminum alloy wall code: alloy aluminum extrusion, the fire safety level for A1 (China). It has a wide selection of different shapes, straight, curved, and some can be cut into the right angle and then assembled together and fixed on the interior ceilings around the membranes to be used to withhold.


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