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Identification of the decorative film failure and shoddy products:

Part of the interests blinded by small businesses small workshop on the market today use substandard products at low prices as bait to lure customers deceived as qualified products, the following described one of the characteristics of substandard products or counterfeit products:
(1) Class A fire test report issued by the state fire inspection and supervision center b () or test report is not published in the National Fire Protection Building Materials online.
2 membrane materials with the fire burning did not stop within 2-3 seconds, and issued a very pungent taste.
Hands touch slightly softer mount a sense of the static sense or hard, this material is easy to attract the dust, discoloration of the membrane material within two months in the summer to sag winter easy contraction, poor stability and short service life.
Force tear membranes, it is easy to tear the membrane off, with your thumb, firmly push down on the framework of the membrane-like membranes can not be 4-10 seconds in slow restitution or squeeze traces left after a rapid recovery.
(5) membrane samples on the nose sniff when there is a slightly pungent crude oil flavor, contain volatile hazardous heavy metals;
6 supporting aluminum structure is relatively small or aluminum material hand-touch easy to bleaching, bending the surface cracks appear.
Factory inspection, smaller venues cottage or office in the residential buildings, only 3-5 individuals a variety of role play, post-maintenance after installation there is no guarantee.
Negotiation salesman old and you say that he is a well-known relatives or the original working for a company, product quality and a well-known company's product quality rhetoric.

Friends do not covet cheap buy substandard and shoddy products. The consequences are fatal, and may allow your business to receive a temporary high profits, but you have to consider you to the owners of the property, personnel, safety of life is responsible for!

The impact of fake and shoddy fire building materials Building Fire Safety

Fireproof building materials contain some of the fire protection products and fire-related products, is in addition to a large class of fire engines and other fire extinguishing alarm system, widely used in the construction of diverse types. Fireproof building materials are products of public safety, product quality is closely related to the economic construction and people's lives and property safety. Counterfeit and shoddy fire building materials, once operational, will be social and public safety constitute a long-term harm to the environment. Hereinafter {TodayHot} from the interior decoration with fireproof building materials, insulation materials, several aspects were analyzed by analysis of a typical fire incidents, fire safety talk of counterfeit fire building materials used in construction of buildings brought about by threats.

1, the interior decoration of Fire Building Materials
The interior decoration a very wide scope of Fire Building Materials, from the floor, carpets, curtains, wallpaper, wall covering, furniture, wood, and then the ceiling, keel, sound-absorbing material. From the point of view of all building fires, combustible interior decoration materials in general is not a fire, nor is it the first items ignited, but the decoration materials in the fire spread, combustion has played a very important role. The characteristics of such material is used in building large, and most polymer materials or containing polymer materials, if they are not fire-retardant treatment of such materials easily emit a lot of toxic fumes in the combustion process, largely reduces the visibility of the fire, preventing people to escape the flue gas containing CO, halogen acid gas, cyanide, can rapidly lethal, causing large casualties. In addition, the use of large amount of these materials on fire, can burn rapidly, and the ability to form short-term intrinsic a closed empty {HotTag} flashover, and then ignite the adjoining rooms, ceilings, corridors, etc., rapidly expanding the scale of the fire . June 10, 2005, in Shantou City, Guangdong Province, the Chaonan South China Hotel occurrence of a catastrophic fire, killing 31 people were killed and three seriously injured. Post after the analysis that led to the disastrous fire of a very important factor is the extensive use of flammable materials in the decoration of this hotel. Wood ceilings, plastic siding, mattresses, these are flammable materials burn the smoke is very large, half an hour after the fire broke out, smoke spread throughout the floor, but also engulfed the third floor and four floor. When firefighters rushed to the hotel inside, in addition to smoke, what not see. Subsequently found, respectively, in bed and by the heavy smoke in the bathroom alive smoked to death, risking their lives to rescue more than 20 fire officers and soldiers, policemen have been choking smoke faint, four firefighters were sent to hospital for treatment. The thick toxic smoke is the main reason for the 31 people were killed. December 25, 2005, Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province Honolulu West Restaurant fire in which 26 people were killed and 11 injured. It is understood that the West, the restaurant operator to a lack of awareness of fire safety, operating without a license, the restaurant area would have little business who would end up construction of a mezzanine, leading to the site is very crowded, no place to escape after the fire broke out, resulting in heavy casualties. In addition, the bar has no windows, only two doors, two doors are not open to the evacuation, and a door was broken. In addition to fire only one narrow staircase in the bar on the first floor and mezzanine, while the fire source is just blocking the stairs, resulting in the dissection can not escape. It is understood that the major fire accidents led to failure with the bar's decoration materials have a great relationship. Bars use large quantities of flammable materials, decoration, and cushions, wall sound-absorbing cotton and so use a sponge, fire, these decoration materials emit a lot of carbon monoxide and other toxic and harmful gases, can easily lead to suffocation and death.

It can be seen from the above, substandard interior decoration with the fire of building materials to building a great fire risk, blood the fact that we continue to sound the alarm, and therefore meet the decoration and beautiful at the same time, must also be strictly focus on renovation of the fire performance of materials, and resolutely put an end to the use of fake and shoddy renovation of Fire Building Materials in buildings.
2, insulation materials
Insulation material is usually a lightweight, loose, porous, thermal conductivity of the material due to its unique thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation performance, and is widely used in industrial, defense, automotive and construction industries. The insulation material is divided into the organic insulation material and the inorganic thermal insulation materials, organic insulation material mostly burn easily, such as polyurethane, polystyrene foam, the event open flame can easily ignite . In addition, because the insulation material has a porous structure, the pore volume is so big, which is full of a lot of air, in addition to pipes, fixtures, transportation, sometimes high temperature of the storage media, while the thermal conductivity of the insulation materials are generally small, the heat not easy to spread it out so that the temperature is gradually increasing, when a local insulation materials to be ignited, it will spread rapidly into flames, and through continuous insulation materials quickly to other regions, the spread of other floors, the formation of the fire. Such as Seoul, Korea "natural Court Hotel fire burned the top floor (20th floor) from the second floor, dead and injured 224 people, including a lesson learned is that the fire spread rapidly along the pipes of the ventilation and air conditioning systems. In another example, the text Kauf hotels in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, fire, fire broke out on the third floor walkway, building combustible decoration materials is almost totally destroyed, killed or injured more than 220, the most important lesson is ventilation and air conditioning systems, vertical pipeline fuel the fire's spread. China's Hangzhou City, a hotel due to welding, burning combustible duct insulation materials cause a fire, the fire spread along the duct and vertical holes, top-level layer has been burned, the fire spread to the eighty-nine hours, resulting in significant economic losses. 2009, the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival night 8:27 central television Taipei wing external wall insulation materials fire safety standards do not meet the building fire safety standards, the top of the waterproof material ignited by illegal fireworks, and then the flames spread to the outside of the building body insulation materials ignited quickly spread from the top to the floor, the fire spread over seven hours, and have inflicted economic losses of more than one billion yuan. Thus, the outer wall insulation materials, ventilation, air conditioning system duct is one of the main high-rise building fire, the fire spread.

Therefore, in strict accordance with national standards and the relevant provisions, the choice of insulation materials, qualified for the effective prevention large Qunsiqunshang, fire, with very great significance. Therefore, it is necessary to use qualified decorative materials on various high-rise buildings and crowded places, and thus the event of fire, it has an extremely important role for the suppression of fire spread, protect personnel evacuation.
Summary of the national standards of China has all kinds of fireproof building materials product quality, industry standard 200, related to various types of fire equipment, fire building design, fire performance classification and fire performance testing, design specification, acceptance of a relatively complete, while the standard requirements are after many years of experience determined in strict accordance with these standards, standardize the implementation of the norms of the corresponding properties of the materials, to guarantee the security of our building fire, with of great significance, and resolutely resist the fight against counterfeit goods, is extremely important to protect people's lives and property.

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