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Class A Membrane(A Fireproof )

Dsmei fireproof film:Dsmei fireproof film complies with China Fire Protection standard
of Construction Materials Class-A (new fire protection standard GB 8624-2006). In short,
when common construction materials (such as wood, plaster board and metal ceiling) are
heated or ignited, the heat and fire will spread to other places. However, Dsmei fireproof
film can effectively prevent the spread of fire. In case of earthquake, fire and other
natural disasters, Dsmei fireproof film does not support combustion or fall off. Besides,
the film does not give out harmful gases during the inflaming retarding process; when Dsmei
fireproof film reaches the temperature limit of 2000, it will dissolve and will not give
out toxic gases or droplets which are harmful for human body. In this way, security of
peoples lives and property can be better guaranteed.

Dsmei fireproof film has outstanding advantages in environmental protection. It is in full
compliance with various test standards both in China and Japan. The film is made of
environmentally friendly raw materials, without harmful substances such as cadmium, ethanol, etc.
The film is completely recyclable and it will not exert any influence on the environment
during the process of production, transportation, installation, application and recycling.
This is in full compliance with the theme of environmental protection in modern society.
Dsmei fireproof and non-lightproof film is both soft and tough, with fine chemical
stability and resistance to chemical
corrosion, worm damages, mould, moisture, aging, water (Dsmei1500A\Dsmei2600A), oil
(can be scrubbed), heat aging, weathering aging, ozone, oxygen, light, etc. It has
high insulation performance, with dielectric constant of 3~3.2 and breakdown
voltage of 20~50 kv/mm. It is environmentally friendly
without peculiar smell and can be used on the top and walls. It is light with
weight of 245g per square meter, which is several times lighter than traditiona
l glass, marble and acrylic. It will
not be deformed;if it is used on light structures and high-rise buildings, it will not have
damages to top structures of buildings. It is particularly suitable for high-rise
buildings, spherical grid structures, office
buildings, museums, places of entertainment, shopping malls, and public places.

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