Current Location:Class A Membrane(A Fireproof)--Keel nodes
Aluminum keel:

Used to hold back the soft film ceiling, the use of aluminum alloy extrusion, the fire safety level for A-level. There are three models to meet the needs of a variety of shapes, keel installed in the wall between the walls, wooden poles, steel, plaster walls and wood, suitable for a variety of building structures. Keel only need to screw in accordance with the uniform spacing can be fixed very easy to install.


Installation diagram:

Flat yards lateral bending, applies to the special shape of the circular arc wall, including columns, as well as a variety of graphic, especially for the along the wall installation.


F code can complete the longitudinal bending to do wavy, curved, vaulted, flared shape, and is applicable to a variety of flat, bevel shape and used widely


Shuangkou code to do the main connection between the soft film and soft membrane, buckling can do wavy, curved, vaulted, flared shape and is suitable for a variety of flat, bevel shape.








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